Take Profit Finance

TakeProfit is a DeFi service running on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) ecosystem. We aim to increase the safety of your investments by paying out profit in range of tokens grouped by stable coins, low risk coins, mid risk coins and high risk coins. Take Profit was built to automatically diversify your gains. This diversification allows you to realise your profits in a manner fitting with your portfolios tolerance to risk. As an example, choosing to receive your yield in BUSD would lower your exposure to potential market volatility allowing for a more reliable source of income. In contrast, choosing to receive your yield in high risk coins would expose you to additional risk but also potentially higher returns. With Take Profit Finance, the choice is yours.

Every vault that we provide has the built in functionality to auto compound, so you can save on gas fees and gain a higher return. We aim to provide a way to automatically earn in BUSD, BNB, BTC, ETH, etc but also will provide baskets of currencies in groupings dependant on their associated risk.

You can choose to stake Cake in High Risk Vault and claim ProfitCake as reward. ProfitCake is a reflection token that passively sends both Cake and PROFIT to your wallet. This Cake can be reinvested into any Cake Vault! PROFIT can also be staked to earn our native token ProfitCake. Stake Cake, earn PROFIT, stake PROFIT, earn ProfitCake, earn PROFIT, stake Cake & PROFIT, repeat!